Legacy Photography

The multimedia presentation entitled “A Legacy of Care” is prepared for the opening plenary of the August 2010 Ryan White All-Grantee Meeting, the documentary is a compilation of conversations with more than three dozen HIV/AIDS providers, administrators, and community advocates, as they recollect the early years of the epidemic, the historic effort to garner support for a Federal Government-sponsored program involving States, cities, and communities all across the country, and the untold challenges of building a unique model of care to meet the complex needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. These conversations are reinforced by archival photography covering the first appearance of the disease in the United States, the challenges and triumphs leading to passage of the Ryan White CARE Act, and the implementation of the Program over time. Archival images appear alongside recent photographs documenting the interactions and relationships among Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program providers and clients nationwide. Specific information about the images and more extensive audiotaped interviews also appear on this portion of the Web site.