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Clinical Care Guidelines and Resources

Experts in HIV care develop medical practice guidelines. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) approves them.

We develop clinical protocols and practices from these guidelines. These help you deliver effective HIV care.

What can I find in the HHS Clinical Guidelines?

Find regular updates in the HHS Clinical Guidelines on:

  • Science of, and recommendations for, HIV care and treatment
  • Antiretroviral therapy
  • Opportunistic infection treatment, prophylaxis, and COVID-19
  • Conducting HIV testing and counseling

Should I use the HHS Clinical Guidelines?

You should use them if you are a:

  • Health care professional
  • Public health professional
  • Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantee
  • Program manager in clinical or non-clinical settings
  • Someone with HIV

How can I help people aging with HIV?

When people with HIV age, their health care and social needs change. All members of the health care team can help with their care and treatment.

Both our reference guides help health care professionals as their aging population grows. 

Reference Guide Description

Incorporating New Elements of Care (PDF - 131 KB)

This reference guide:

  • Identifies common health care and social needs of people aging with HIV
  • Highlights the screenings and assessments for these needs
  • Serves as a starting point for health care teams as they build and expand their knowledge and practice of serving people aging with HIV

Putting Together the Best Health Care Team (PDF - 137 KB)

This reference guide:

  • Shows how all members of the health care team can contribute to the care of people aging with HIV
  • Identifies roles, responsibilities, staff training, and resources for the health care team to build their capacity

Where can I find clinical protocols and practices?

Our experts and other leaders in the field of HIV care and treatment developed HIV-related protocols and clinical practices.

Read our most recent Guide for HIV/AIDS Clinical Care, 2014 (PDF - 5 MB).


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