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Quality of Care

We work to improve HIV care and treatment services for people with HIV. Activities that help us do this:

  • Enhance the quality of HIV care
  • Increase access to services
  • Meet professional standards and client expectations

These help you, our grant recipients, carry out quality management programs.

HIV Quality Measures (HIVQM) Module

We developed the HIVQM Module to help you set goals, monitor performance measures, and oversee quality improvement projects.

How can I use the HIVQM Module?

  • Enter aggregate data on the performance measures
  • Generate reports to assess your performance
  • Compare your performance to other grant recipients who submit data

Clinical Quality Management (CQM)

You must establish a CQM program. As part of the program, you need to:

  • assess whether HIV health services are consistent with the most recent Public Health Service guidelines for HIV treatment; and
  • develop strategies to ensure these services help to improve access to and quality of HIV services.

These activities improve patient care, health outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

What do you include in the CQM program?

A CQM program includes infrastructure, performance measures, and quality improvement.

View the Clinical Quality Management Policy Clarification Notice 15-02 (PDF - 95 KB) for guidance.

Clinical Quality Management Listserv

The Clinical Quality Management (RWHAPCQM) listserv is an online user group forum for CQM program staff. It allows you to collaborate with colleagues about the programs.

Follow Listserv Guidelines

  1. This is a professional forum. Share and seek ideas, questions, best practices, and challenges.
  2. Keep it civil. Discussions should stimulate conversation, not create contention. Equal say for all. Don’t post any material that is abusive, profane, threatening, or offensive. Content should not be illegal or violate any third party's rights.
  3. Don’t post commercial messages or spam.
  4. You may share job postings for CQM positions.
  5. Only send a message to the entire list when it contains information that could benefit everyone. Please send "thank you" or "I'm interested" to the sender rather than the entire listserv.
  6. Include a signature block on all messages. Include your name, organization, location, and email address.
  7. Use a short and clear subject. Make sure it reflects the topic. This makes it easier for others to find postings. It also makes it easier for us to search the archives by subject.
  8. Use caution. Don’t post messages that you want to be anonymous. Only post messages that you intend for everyone.
  9. Don’t send any protected information through the listserv. This includes patient and client records or personal identifying information.
  10. Don’t send messages such as "remove me from the list," through the listserv.
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