Summary of Changes

The HIV/AIDS Bureau reviewed previous versions of the Performance Measures and revised the text and references.

Key updates include the following:

  • Revised the following measures:
    • AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Application Determination
    • ADAP Inappropriate Antiretroviral Regimen Components Resolved by ADAP
  • Introduced the following new measures:
    • Viral Suppression for Clients Who Receive ADAP Services
    • Loss of ADAP Services due to Failure to Confirm Eligibility
    • Timely Payment of Health Insurance Premiums
    • Enrollment in Health Care Coverage (including Medicaid, Medicare Part D and private health insurance)
  • Archived the following measures (refer to the Archived Performance Measure Downloads section of this website):
    • ADAP Eligibility Recertification
    • ADAP Formulary
  • Added comparison data references to the HIV Quality Measures Module, and the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Compass Dashboard
  • Updated links to the Department of Health and Human Services Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Updated the HRSA contact email address in the Accessibility section
Date Last Reviewed: